Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography is Emit. Emit is CFT.

3D fluorescence high-resolution molecular imaging is essential to researchers studying biodistribution, developing genetic models and using molecular probes. Enter Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT). CFT is an ex vivo molecular imaging technique that allows the high-resolution visualization of cell clusters, isolated organs, and whole animals. Emit Imaging’s platform, Xerra, is about high performance preclinical imaging coupled with ease of use, automation providing the most all-inclusive solution for high-resolution, quantitative 3D fluorescence imaging.


Drug Discovery

Xerra: A new imaging modality to study biodistribution

CFT is important for ADME (absorption distribution, metabolism, excretion) and drug distribution studies. pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic studies.

Cancer Biology

Xerra: A new level of optical imaging

Xerra™ can play a key role for studying tumor models including microenvironments, tumor heterogeneity, metastatic spread, and expression of specific biomarkers.

Nano Technology

Xerra: For high sensitivity detection of nanomaterials

CFT is useful in the development and evaluation of nanomaterials for tissue imaging and drug development. Nanomaterials coupled with a fluorescent reporter group, allow for visualization of these processes with CFT.


Xerra: High resolution and quantification for neuroscientists

CFT can help elucidate anatomy, disease etiology and progression via fluorescence visualization. The 3D CFT maps of fluorescence reporters can aid in visualization of cell tracking, drug delivery, and pharmacodynamics in the brain.

Molecular Biology/Gene Expression

Xerra: 3D automation and ease of use for animal model characterization

A gap in sensitivity and resolution between in vivo and ex vivo techniques may make it hard to characterize an animal model. Using CFT, researchers can now obtain a 3D rendering of their mouse model to precisely understand the anatomical location of their genes of interest.

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Macrophage Imaging
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Ovarian Cancer Imaging with Her2 Labeled Antibodies
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Colorectal Cancer Models: Imaging the Rainbow Mouse

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