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Novel 3D Imaging tool to monitor drug distribution and protein expression

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Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) is a novel, 3D approach to imaging drug distribution and protein expression in whole animals and large tissue samples. EMIT Imaging offers both instrumentation and services via our imaging platform, XerraTM, a high-resolution, high-sensitivity preclinical imaging tool designed to advance discoveries in biological and drug research. See what you’re missing with standard 2D in vivo fluorescence imaging techniques and utilize CFT to better visualize: 


  • Whole-body drug distribution and delivery
  • Screening candidate drugs and delivery systems
  • Whole-body therapeutic protein expression
  • Multiplexed co-localization of drug with targets
  • On and off target tissue identification

Benefits of Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography

CFT expands preclinical imaging capabilities by bridging the gap between cellular microscopy (imaging small tissue volumes at high resolution) and current whole-body techniques such as MRI, PET, and SPECT (imaging larger tissue volumes with lower resolution and sensitivity). CFT also helps guide technologies, including pathology and proteomics to evaluate all relevant tissues and better develop a complete picture of disease and treatment.

How CFT Works

CFT Instrumentation & Services


XerraTM is EMIT Imaging’s flagship imaging platform. Xerra fully automates the CFT workflow enabling you to run samples in-house with ease, and provides unmatched visualization of on and off target drug distribution and protein expression in whole-animals.


EMIT Imaging offers CFT Services performed in-house, at our state-of-the-art labs in Boston, MA and Baltimore, MD. Simply freeze samples, ship them directly to us, and let EMIT handle the rest. 

Application Areas

Drug Discovery & Delivery

CFT is an important tool to monitor drug distribution, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic studies.

Oncology & Immunotherapy

CFT can play a key role for studying tumor models including microenvironments, tumor heterogeneity, metastatic spread, and expression of specific biomarkers.

Gene & Cell Therapy

(CFT) and Xerra™, a 3D imaging technology allows whole-body detection and visualization of vector biodistribution and vector-mediated gene expression, in high resolution and with high sensitivity.


The 3D CFT maps of fluorescence reporters can aid in visualization of cell tracking, drug delivery, and pharmacodynamics in the brain.

Discover More with Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography