Our Story

Emit Imaging is the leading manufacturer of micro Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) systems for the global bioresearch market.

Founded in 2018, by a group of researchers who found a lack of high-resolution quantitative fluorescent imaging to significantly complement in vivo studies. Emit Imaging develops cutting-edge technology. Understanding the need for quantitative 3D fluorescent capabilities, these researchers developed CFT technology for molecular imaging, biodistribution, drug discovery, developing genetic models and molecular probes. Starting with a camera, Emit Imaging integrated a cryo-microtome and proprietary software, to build a comprehensive platform. Emit Imaging’s platform suite provides the most all-inclusive solution for high-resolution quantitative 3D fluorescence.

Emit Imaging is driven to support and develop technology to best meet our customers’ needs. The company is actively working to develop new software tools to increase the utility and application of our innovative Xerra technology.

Emit Imaging has installed systems in leading institutions across North America. The company is based in Baltimore, Maryland.


Our Mission

We strive to develop cutting-edge imaging solutions with absolute quantification as applied to the study of human diseases and drug discovery.


Our Values

Emit is Visionary.

Bridging the existing void today between microscopy and in vivo pre-clinical imaging, EMIT Imaging is about extracting an exponential volume of data from every research sample and animal.

Emit is Transformational.

Emit Imaging has developed an interdisciplinary approach to molecular tissue imaging.

The Next Generation of Imaging. Xerra.