Our Story

Emit Imaging is the leading manufacturer of Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) systems for the global bioresearch market.

CFT was born out of the need to visualize drug distribution and protein expression in large samples with high resolution and high sensitivity. Following the development of a prototype system and demonstrating the huge potential, Emit Imaging, Inc. was spun out of Invicro, LLC in 2018. We got to work on a fully automated system that can be installed in any lab, making CFT more accessible; and the result is Xerra, our flagship product. We developed CFT and Xerra to help you see what you have been missing–to aid in research spanning molecular imaging, biodistribution, model characterization, tracer development, cell tracking, protein expression…

Emit Imaging is driven to develop innovative systems and software that meet our customers’ needs and the needs of the growing community of CFT users. We are working hard on feature enhancements, workflow optimization, and new software tools that further the utility and useability of Xerra and the expanding list of CFT applications.

Emit Imaging has installed systems in leading pharma, academic, and industry labs. The company is based in Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA.–

Our Mission

Our vision is to transform volumetric, molecular tissue imaging from sample processing to reporting and improve research and healthcare

Our Values


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