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Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) is a powerful imaging tool for neuroscience. CFT can be used to study the physiology, anatomy, and molecular biology of the brain. In addition, neurodegenerative diseases and other pathologies that affect different regions of the brain and neurological pathways can also be visualized with CFT. CFT can help elucidate anatomy, disease etiology and progression via fluorescence visualization. The 3D CFT maps of fluorescence reporters can aid in visualization of cell tracking, drug delivery, and pharmacodynamics in the brain.


Mouse Brain images 1 to 12 hours after injection of a Cy7 conjugated therapeutic.

Delivery of antisense (ASOs) labeled with Cy7 are evaluated in mouse brains.

Time course study shows biodistribution of ASOs over time.

CFT, a powerful tool in PK studies

Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography (CFT) allows for high-resolution visual feedback, a powerful tool in pharmacokinetics studies, researchers can precisely track the movement of dyes and molecules through the body. Data can be used for the whole animal or segmented to view individual regions or organs. Data can be viewed as an image/3D rendering over time and quantified as a time course plot. 

Quantify and trace drug movement in one step

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In this experiment, a fluorescent tracer, Cy7 conjugated therapeutic, was injected into a murine model. Their brains were collected at different time points. Using CFT, the brains were sliced, imaged and processed. 3D reconstructions showed the movement of the tracer across the brain from 1 hour to 12 hours (top panel). Tracer concentration was quantified across time and in different regions of the brains. Using CFT, a drug’s pharmacokinetics can be visualized, quantified and traced in real-time.

Visualization and Quantification of Therapeutics in the brain

IT-injected agent distribution is imaged at a mesoscopic scale at multiple time points. Co-registered white light data can be used with atlases to provide regions for subsequent analysis.

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